Friday, August 30, 2013

Fashion Project : Simple Vest (part 1)

Do you remember this post?

It is almost a year and I haven't done any sewing project! ha3... so last Lebaran Holiday i forced my self to do one super easy project. and here is the result. Tadaaaaaa..

what you need :
- around 2m Chiffon fabric (or any other light-weighted fabric)
- your old vest
- pencil/kapur jahit, tread, needle, sewing machine, scissors etc.

what you do :
- lay your fabric on the floor
- lay your vest on top of the fabric
- trace it
- cut it
- sew it

what a useless tutorial... XD

I'm sorry people... But it is that simple. I'm sorry i didn't take any picture while create it. So i cant make a proper tutorial for you.

but the good news issss.... I'm about to re-do this project! Promise you I'll take step by step picture for you!!! \(^.^)/ just wait for it, okay? #blogpostPHP

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