Monday, March 18, 2013

Pray fo the Best

Buat saya berdoa itu HARUS yg baik.. Bahkan yg TERBAIK.. 

Jadi kalau orang tersayang kita sakit. Berdoalah supanya penyakitnya diangkat dan dosa2nya dikikis.. 

Jangan pernah minta penyakitnya dipindah ke kamu. Itu ngga akan membuat situasinya jadi lebih baik. Allah mampu koq melakukannya... Kalau kamu PERCAYA


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

Have you ever loved someone until you are willing to do ANYTHING for them? Few days ago I found a friend of mine share a BBM status. She wrote "get well soon dear .... (Her son's name) God please transfer his sickness to me instead.“ 

I instantly think, are you crazy? If you are sick who will take care of your son? Why dont you just pray for his health? i may not have any children yet but i dont think that kind of prayer is good. We should PRAY FOR THE BEST. You know Allah can do it easily. In shaa Allah.


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