Monday, July 2, 2012

a gif(t) from heaven*

An animation I made at GIF animator

Foundation : Kryolan AQUA | Eyeliner : (Black)Unbranded , (Green) Oriflame | Eyeshadow :  (Cream) Oriflame ,  (Gold) Unbranded | Face Powder : Maybeline | Lipgloss : Oriflame
just found out about a sites to make a GIF image... quite easy... gonna make a few more I guess... See ya!

This is what I wore on my friend's wedding day last Sunday.

Hijab : Mom's Collection | Inner Ninja, Manset, Top : ITC Depok |  Necklace : Mayonez Studio | Pants : Studio 1987 | Shoes : Yongki Komaladi | Bag : Mom's Collection

*PS : the title of this post can be considered had nothing to do with the post it self :p

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