Thursday, April 26, 2012

getting married

not me, for sure... hehe... actually this post is not about my wedding, pals. it is about me attending a wedding reception with my dad.. :D
me and pap
pap and me

Last week I accompany my dad to attend his relatives wedding. I don't now the groom nor the bride personally. It takes place at Panti Perwira, Balai Sudirman. I think its a beautiful place for a wedding. First, let me show you the decor...

pelaminan jawa
heart shape ice carving with apples on it!

the bride and the groom

(blurry) green wall

roses & jasmines chandelier
as you can see here... The color theme for this wedding is green (and white of course). Not a popular choice, I guess but it turns out beautiful, classy and fresh. Last but not least... Outfit photos... here we go...

detail of my hijab & make up (I use oriflame)
pearl bow : Mayones | inner  hijab: unbranded (ITC Depok) | batik scarf : gift | blue  top : mom's |  black jumpsuit : Blue Label
 blue mary-jane platform shoes : adorable project

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