Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I'm ikhlas, love...

This song and another million songs will always reminded me of you, of us, of our past, of our promise...
But i have no regret, at least I know I'm fighting for our love till the end.
I'm not a quitter. Not a fighter either.
I'm just a lover.
And in the end, i finally found that my love to Allah is bigger than my love to you.

Let's start a new life. Separately...
To you be your way, and to me mine

Lakum dinukum wa-liya dini

Friday, November 2, 2012

Dream a Little Dream of Me

"forgetting all the DREAMS just to have a SAVE life is felt so BORING"
Can you believe it is already November?

Alhamdulillah... So many great things happened in October... I've been busy with a new project with my friends, my very first professional architectural project. Besides, I'm having the opportunity to join SKALA + Green Designer Tour 2012 to Singapore!!!  Thanks to Mba Dhana and my lovely office, Exxo Interior for this working slashes holidays.

Well, I'm going to talk about that on my next post. Today I'm going to talk about me, my dreams and some people around me. I'm one of the people that believe; if you are in a relationship you should share your dreams and support each other dreams so both of you could become a better person. I mean what is the point of you having a stranger in your life without making any positive progress? So, I can say that I don't believe in the concept of "menerima apa adanya" in a relationship. We should KNOW our partner so we can make him a better person.

"Accepting my self for who I really am" is the concept for my self. I HAVE TO love & accept my self. But my part partner has to find out a way to make me a BETTER ME and vice versa. People have dreams and sometimes forget their dreams because of what so called "reality". 

One of my ex-close-friend forget his dreams of becoming a great designer just because he want to settle down as young as possible. Or we can say his orientation is changed to material thing. Now at the age of 26, he is already getting married, owning a car (and a house probably, I don't know exactly), a settle job with retirement fund guaranty. Sounds great right? But all I can see is a face full of regret and a super boring life. I missed the fire burning in his eyes when he tells me about his dreams a long time ago. Well I'm not saying that settling down in a very young age is bad. No, not at all. But forgetting all the dreams just have a SAVE life is felt so BORING to me... :p Sorry friend...

So, if one day I met a man who asked me to be his partner, my first question to him is "What is your dream?" and the second question is for my self "How can I help him to make his dream comes true?"

Well, I’m hoping that I’m going to find that Mr. Right very soon. Insha Allah.

hehe... as a bonus... this is all participant in SKALA + Green Designer Tour 2012 in Universal Studio, Singapore
Grey Jumpsuit, Hijab, Inner : Unbranded | Shoes : Matahari | Bag : oleh2 from Aceh

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

another dream comes true

alhamdulillah... another wish answered...
as for my 25 y o birthday my dad finally give me a sewing machine! :)
feel like I'm one step closer to my dream of becoming a fashion designer.
well this picture shows my first project. it is a simple mini dress..
i know i might not be able to wear it :p but this dress is made of the random fabric my mom find in our storage... the texture of the fabric is so awful... (>.<)

its been a while since my last outfit post. i rarely dress up and take picture. i only do that in special occasion. and sorry for the bad quality of the picture. i take it with my bb only... hehe... 

i'll promise you to make a proper photo shoot next time ;)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

TOP(SHOP) of the POP

how are you bloggie? its been 2 month since my last post...

i am 25 now.
i am still single (who is asking by the way? LOL)

and the most important thing is I am happy.

a lot of things happened in the past 2 months... I would like to share it here but not today. So here is some recap of last 2 months in my happy life.

1. i turn one fourth century at July 22... getting older and happier...

2. remember my holiday wish list last year? if you don't... (how dare u!!) you can read it here... hehe... I've got another stuff from my list... what is it? wait for the next post ;)

3. July 20 to August 18 is the holy month of Ramadhan for muslim aroud the world and I really regret that I didn't do so much in this month... :( (Buat yang merayakan Idul fitri, Mohon Maaf Lahir Bathin y...)

4. My family had a fun vacation to Batam - Singapore.... \(^.^)/ Yaaay...

5. I'm about to launch a new brand and collection next month... sooo excited!!!

6. I think my cat is pregnant (again). Love my babies so much... XOXO

7. TOPSHOP is collaborating with JW. Anderson. and the collection is superCOOL. check out the full collection here.

i want a puppy too... :)

here are some of my favorite items...
super long shirt (or a shirt-dress, no?) soooo... hijab friendly...

photo print T-shirt. what if I make one with Indonesia heritage building like Borobudur, or monas maybe?

red tortoise pants... i just cant resist... there are also available cat & zebra print 

My ultimate favorite! it reminds me of one of my babies... Embul...

I don't know since when, but I love zebra print!

what do you think of the collection?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


random picture from ASOS e-magazine... Happy Summer y'all!

this summer, I'm really into pattern dresses <3 and neon accessories!

a very stylish commercial...

and here we go... a fashion spread that scream SUMMMERRRRRRRRRRR....

Monday, July 2, 2012

a gif(t) from heaven*

An animation I made at Picasion.com:: Picasion.com GIF animator

Foundation : Kryolan AQUA | Eyeliner : (Black)Unbranded , (Green) Oriflame | Eyeshadow :  (Cream) Oriflame ,  (Gold) Unbranded | Face Powder : Maybeline | Lipgloss : Oriflame
just found out about a sites to make a GIF image... quite easy... gonna make a few more I guess... See ya!

This is what I wore on my friend's wedding day last Sunday.

Hijab : Mom's Collection | Inner Ninja, Manset, Top : ITC Depok |  Necklace : Mayonez Studio | Pants : Studio 1987 | Shoes : Yongki Komaladi | Bag : Mom's Collection

*PS : the title of this post can be considered had nothing to do with the post it self :p

Friday, June 29, 2012


taken from one of my favorite fashion website, Refinery 29

call him Papa VOGUE...

and she is the Mama VOGUE

Please don't call yourself a street style lover if u don't know him.  

He loves Sponge Bob too!

My Favorite Fashion Blogger of all time

I see the future of fashion...

and the list goes on and on...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


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