Thursday, December 29, 2011

am i beautiful?

few days ago one of my facebook friend wrote a status. 
"Why am I this ugly? What must I do for me to be able to smile brightly like you?"
then I commented on her status...
"u are not ugly S. kamu tuh keren. ^^)b u just have to love ur self more... ;)"
well sometimes we forget how beautiful God has created we are. sometimes we forget to say thank you to Him. we forget how lucky we are to have a perfect body. Perfect disini maksudnya adalah sempurna, utuh tidak kurang suatu apapun. imagine how hard to "walk" in a wheelchair if we don't have feet. imagine how hard not to be able to hear our moms voice if we have no ear. 

banyak orang yang bilang Cantik dan Sempurna itu berbeda. hal-hal yang saya ungkapkan diatas adalah hal-hal untuk mengingatkan bahwa kita sempurna. for me, being beautiful is a state of mind. if you think you are beautiful, then you are. If u considered yourself ugly, well enjoy your own miserable thought.

I always said I am not really good at doing my own make up. sometimes i think I am not so pretty my self too.  I may not had the best body in the world. I may not had the clear-est skin in the world. But, above all I love my self more than any girl in the world. 

here is some picture my brother take for my online shop photo shoot. well, I can proudly say I think I am beautiful! no matter what they say. :D 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

new year = new arrival is here!

my online shop Studio 1987 has already launch a new collection today. here are some of them...

check out the complete collection here...

Friday, December 16, 2011

My holiday Wishlist... :)

although i don't celebrate this holiday, I think i's OK for everyone to have their wishlist...

let me explain to you whats on my wishlist :) 
(from the top, left to right)

1. Sequin Black Pencil Skirt
few weeks ago, me & my bestfriend, Karina  went to a cloth shop in Fatmawati. i found an amazing sequin cloth... I think it will be great if I make something from this fabric. since i was a skirt lover, so a pencil skirt will be perfect for me. but, because I'm not confident enough to wear anything sequin I decided to postponed it... since then I always dream about wearing a nice-soft peach-silk-blouse with this sequin skirt...

2. Varsity Jacket
for this item maybe I should do the hunting in my own storage. wish I could find my daddy's vintage jacket. wish me luck :)

3. A Blackberry
beside being asked "when did you get married?" question, i always being asked to give my BB pin by (almost) everyone. Well, "someone" promised me that i will get this gadget next year!!! yeaaah... hopefully he can fulfill his promise. 
#finger crossed#

4. Mary Jane Navy Blue Platform Shoes 
the one frome june + julia... enough said!

5. Houndstooth Legging
basically i love anything Houndstooth. hehehe... :D so, don't blame me is my favorite runway show is Alexander McQueen's Fall 2009. this fashion genius bringing this classic pattern to a whole new modern fashion world.

6. Sewing Machine
well oh well. becoming a fashion designer is my dream since I was in the kindergarten. I used to dressed up my barbie doll with my hand sewn mini clothing. By the way, few days ago my mommy tell me that she wants to buy a sewing machine! just wait and see, hopefully before  2011 ended I've already have that dream machine.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

beauty and the geek

hail to all the geek-fashionlover like me...

a great tips from the expert...
i've been learning to use my eye shadow collection. i collect them all but dunno exactly how to use them maximally. thanks to my younger sister adel who always there to do my make up. eventhough she is in semarang rite now but i'm sure she'll be happy to see me doing my own make up... :D

its her bday, any way. so i dedicated this post to u, dell... enjoy...

"happy bday y dell... semoga keluarga qta selalu bahagia... dimanpun qta berada... amien YRA"

i embeded ths video from here

(maybe) i'll post the result soon... (don't know when :p)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

fashion quotes of the week : walk of shame


"so funny but true. sometimes we sacrifice comfort over fashion. well, we better stop it, people. because we deserve both..."

:D have a nice day!

video from here

Monday, December 5, 2011

next spring! MARNI x H&M

watch this video, people... then save money to go to s'pore next spring... haha...

MARNI AT H&M: Announcement EPK from Barracuda Film & TV on Vimeo.


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